Kids Monthly Parade

Global Children’s Day


Global Children’s/Youth Day

This is a special day celebrated on the third Sabbath of March each year when thousands of children and youth from around the world church engage in acts of service in their local communities.  Children’s Ministries leaders across the globe on the various levels of the church will organize service projects to involve the children and young people.  Some churches collaborate with their local youth to reach out in acts of kindness and service together, while other children’s leaders choose to organize the children by themselves to do specific community projects.


By actively involved in compassion ministry and service, children are given the opportunity to spread the love of God to their friends and neighbors, thus contributing to the proclamation of the everlasting gospel.


Get Your Kids Involved!  It’s Global Children’s Day!  Join children and youth all around the world to make a difference! 


World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk



This is a special day of prayer scheduled annually on the last Sabbath of May.
Thousands of children around the world are at risk. Many face abuse, neglect,
trafficking to other countries, hurt and much more. Children at risk need to be
protected and helped so that they can use their God-given talents to their fullest.
They need our prayers.
Let’s empower the children, teenagers, old and young in our churches to pray for
these at-risk children. Involve children in prayer as they learn to focus on ways
to relieve the plight of these children at risk.
Each year a special prayer package is developed by the VIVA organization that
organizes a special prayer weekend for children at risk. This resource includes
activity ideas, worship and prayer events for children, teenagers, and adults. It is
also translated into many languages and can be downloaded from their website

May you be blessed as you pray for children at risk.


Children’s Sabbath

Children’s Sabbath is a day set aside by churches all over the world for
the purpose of highlighting and affirming the gift and gifts of children in
our midst. It is a day set aside to celebrate children as active participants
in the life of the church. Children can serve as worship leaders
throughout the service, including preaching, singing, reading Scripture,

This special day provides a great opportunity to invite friends and
neighbors to bring their children. The more you put into planning and
promoting this special day, the more impact it will have on your church
and community.

Each year a special package is prepared by the North American Division
Children’s Ministries for celebrating this special day and it is shared with
all the other divisions around the world. This material has a theme each
year and is meant to guide and assist the coordinator in planning for
Children’s Sabbath.

To Make the Most of Children’s Sabbath
★ Plan ahead to involve as many children as possible.
★ Advertise it well in your church and the community.
★ Present the program during the worship service.
★ Prepare a special potluck to honor the children.
★ Plan an outreach activity using children’s tracts or other children’s

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