History and Background

Kamagambo Adventist College (KAC) established in 1912, is a premier training, research, technology and innovation driven institution of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in West Kenya Union Conference. KAC was founded to provide a holistic education to students, right from early childhood to higher education. The College which offers holistic education based on the Kenyan Education System comprises a primary school, a secondary school and a teachers’ training college. The vision of the College is A model Adventist institution offering holistic Christian education.”  The mission of the institution is, “To provide a holistic education in partnership with stakeholders that responds to contemporary and societal issues guided by professionalism”

  Kamagambo Adventist College (KAC), as currently named, was founded by the pioneer Adventist missionary to Kenya, the late Elder Arthur Asa Carscallen in 1912 as a Mission Centre. The initial site was at Koderobara (the current Koderobara schools and church) within Kamagambo community before it was transferred to the current site. The transfer was done with the guidance of the colonial government to a battle zone between the Luo and Gusii communities. The agenda of the transfer was to use the new found faith to occupy the battle field, convert it into an evangelistic center and bring peace to the neighboring communities. The 70 acre plot on which it is standing was donated for mission work by the then Chief (late) Petro Oyier in 1912. Evangelistic work coupled with basic skills such as hygiene, nutrition and health care, grooming, agriculture and literacy were introduced to support mission work and reach the people of the land. Among all other old mission centers Like Gendia, Ranen, Rapedhi, Wikondiek and Nyanchwa, no other mission center in Kenya has been of influence to the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church like Kamagambo. 

Evangelistic work conducted in connection with other related mission work and education realized six (6) souls baptized in 1918. The six together with several other believers formed the first congregation at Kamagambo and were then put in charge of evangelism in the Kenyan territory that has seen the church spread like it is today. Elder Carscallen returned home in 1928 and was replaced by a missionary teacher, Elder Ernest Warland, who began a formal boarding school for girls. With his effort, Kamagambo teachers training college was started and was fully established and registered by the then colonial government in 1928. In 1933, a third school, boys boarding school was established. In 1940, the government approved the founding of a two-year ministerial school and college under the leadership, of Pr D M Swaine. In 1957, Kamagambo was registered as a high school in Kenya. Later on, 1971, the standard of the teacher training college was raised to P3 following exceptional performance and reputation of the teachers who trained from Kamagambo. They were exceptionally good compare to other teachers from across the country. 

At this moment, Kamagambo Adventist College is a complex institution with a teachers training college, a high school, a primary school, a farm (poultry, dairy, vegetable), a dispensary. All  serving the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

From inception to date, KAC has had 19 leaders (Principals).

The Kamagambo Adventist Teachers Training College

The Teachers Training College has three colleges namely; the Early Childhood Development Education  (ECDE) – Pre-School Level Teachers, the Primary Teacher Education (PTE) – Primary Level Teachers and the Diploma In Teacher Education (DTE) – for Secondary Level Teachers. 

The Kamagambo High School

Established 1957 from the TTC as a Mission Field. The School offers Secondary school curriculum from Form I to Form IV. It’s mission is in line with the three Angels message. Our aim is elaborated in the school song “Knowledge is power as we strive to excel. With time consciousness as our guide. Victory is a goal and achievement the objective…. When God’s children, humble, call on Jesus’ name” we make students to be “steady physically ….” As we normally have healthy morning runs every Wednesdays 5-6a.m.   This is to all students and staff besides the PE and games in the afternoon.  .  

The Kamagambo Adventist Primary School

  KAPS  was founded in 1997 to provide a Christian education to the children of the staff and the surrounding community .There was need to fulfil a gap created by the absence of a faith based institution inculcating  Christian values for the staff’s children and the community. It has also served as a demonstration school for our teacher trainees

The school is both Day and Boarding handling learners of different backgrounds. Our learners are empowered spiritually and through this many have gotten Baptized. It operates as a Sabbath school to the Kamagambo church participating in outreach programs, nurturing children for responsible adolescent and life beyond school. The teachers offer mentorship to learners in preparation for life beyond primary and high school.  KAPS is the true definition of the school of the prophet preparing  Daniel, Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego for tomorrow church.